Rock Climbing

POL-ITE 2019

POL-ITE is an annual sports competition between Polytechnics and ITE colleges, covering a whole spectrum of sports. Undoubtedly one of the biggest competitions for any school team, schools always send the best of the best to compete. This year, on 9th October 2019, Singapore Polytechnic Rock Climbers (SPRC), sent 11 of our best climbers to compete for the glory of the school. Before the competition, two sets of challenging boulder problems are set by a group of international route setters, one for the men’s’ team and one for the women’s team. During the competition, all the teams will be allowed to climb, with a judge accessing their performance. Victory goes to the team that manages to climb the most boulders in the least number of tries. In the previous year, SPRC emerged the overall champions, and the pressure was on for us to snag ourselves a spot on the podium once again.

To prepare for the upcoming competition, our coach provided intensive trainings that pushed us to our limits. We had long trainings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, where we spent a lot of time developing our technique, as well as building up more power and stamina. We encouraged each other as a team and this kept the morale up. Ultimately, this rapport that we built with our teammates really boosted our self-confidence and we had fun training with each other. Knowing the importance of this competition, we also went down to our smaller boulder wall within the SP campus to perfect our technique outside of training.

The competition was held at Boulder World, where we have been training at for a long time, so we were competing on familiar ground. With the months of intense training and conditioning, as well as our teammates, we went into the competition confident and ready. We fought hard and emerged as the 1st runner ups in the overall competition, with the Men’s team earning Bronze and the Women’s’ team clinching the Gold.

As most of our competitors picked up climbing after entering Polytechnic, we are proud that their efforts have paid off and stood their ground against much more experienced climbers. It is because of their efforts that we managed to do so well in this year’s POL-ITE.