Track & Field: Pesta Sukan 2019

As part of Singapore's Bicentennial year, Pesta Sukan was brought back this year. This competition is the lead up to this year’s National Day. Specifically for the athletic side, SP Track and Field this year has sent a few representatives for our school.

Since Pesta Sukan is a smaller event and was nearing EST period, we could only open this opportunity to some members of SP Track and Field. Nonetheless, our representatives trained hard for the chance of competition exposure.

This year’s pesta sukan was held at the Home Of Athletics (Kallang practice track). The event line-up started early and across 2 weekends ( 27-28 Jul and 3-4 Aug 2019 ) . Luckily, the weather for the 2 weekends were pretty good, which aided our athletes to propel their pre-season gears, to train them for POL-ITE that was coming soon. Which is why we are very proud of the outstanding results from our hard working athletes.


Women 100 Meter Dash Open

Celine Goe - 1st

Women High Jump U20

Sherell Toh - 2nd

Women Discus Throw Open

Mirally Soh - 3rd

Men Long Jump U20

Phua Wee Hung - 9th

Jeremy Leong - 10th

Active Open Men

Chai Wen Bin - 2nd

Darel Lim - 3rd

Ethan Chan - 4th

August Lim - 7th

Joshua Yoong - 8th

Jayakumar Thirunithiyan - 9th

Lucas Chang- 11th

Varadaraj - 12th

Tay Ming Sheng - 14th

Selvam Jeyasurya - 15th

Peter Joey - 17th

Krishnan Narayanan - 19th

Koh Ancheng - 20th

Kuberan - 23rd

Balasubramanian Arunprasad - 24th

Chiew Le Wei- 25th

Khor Jia Xun -26th

Active Open Women

Constance Lim - 3rd

Elise Tan - 4th

Dong Ya Li - 7th

Lum Jing Ya - 8th

Glenda Siew - 9th

S Prashalini - 10th