Rugby Clinic by lee smith

Lee Smith was the director of coaching for New Zealand Rugby from 1988 - 1996 before playing an instrumental part in developing coaching courses for the game today.

The sports consultant came down to SP for a coaching clinic with SP Rugby where he taught us more about how the game can be played and how to better utilise our skill set in an actual game situation. He conducted various drills that helped to sharpen our game sense and improve our basics.

Through this coaching clinic, the players learned how to be effective on the field even by doing the smallest of things. To add on, we also learned to be more aware on the field and to always have a rationale behind the things we do on the field.

It was a privilege to have gone through this coaching clinic as it was an eye opener and a whole new experience for most of the boys. We hope to apply what we learnt from this experience to help us with our journey to POL-ITE 2019.