42nd Nationals Lifesaving Championships 2019

Open waters

Nationals Lifesaving Championship. It is the final event of the lifesaving season of 2019 following NUS Invitationals. Likewise, it happens once every year, consisting of open water and still waters events. It has three categories, Masters (aged 30 and above), Division A and Division B. SPLS participated in two of the category, Div A and Div B. It started with Open Waters first, held on 17 and 18 August. SPLS joined with the objective of winning overall B division champions for open waters. Our goal was to try to clinch top three positions for every open water event in the male and female team. We were quite confident we could do it after putting in so much hard work.

We trained every Saturday at Palawan beach, diligently making it down for early morning training 9am to 1pm, spent under the hot sun practicing our events, training and building up our stamina, following coach’s training sets and plans. Knowing how important Nationals is to us, our members even make it a point to come down for self training after their school curriculum, to perfect their techniques and prepare for any circumstances they will likely face.

We managed to emerged as B division overall champions for open waters. With the male B team winning B div champion in male category and female B team winning B div champion in female category. The performance and result exceeded our expectations as even though we were disqualified for one of the events which is crucial to the point system, we still manage to pull through and win the championship for open waters.

Our Medal Haul for Open Waters

Still waters

Following the conclusion of Nationals Open Waters, it came down to the final event of the season. Nationals Still Waters was held at Kallang Basin Swimming Complex this year where pool depth for both sides are 1.2m. As our Lifesavers have been training 1.8m pool, the coaches tweaked the Swimming sets to fit the difference in pool depth for us to adapt to the competition conditions.

We came into the competition with the objective of doing our best, breaking our personal best timings and enjoying ourselves.

Most of our Lifesavers do not have a Swimming background and only started learning swimming and lifesaving when they just entered polytechnic compared to other competitors.

We then made it a point to train extra hard, staying back after training to correct our technique strokes, physical training and stretching. We knew that it was extra hard on us but we did not give up. Each event, each relays our Lifesavers gave their best, showing a never give up attitude as we did not want to disappoint ourselves and the coaches.

The results exceeded our expectations, our Lifesavers came in 1st runner up for still waters for both man and woman B div category. SP Lifesavers is proud of each and everyone’s achievement.


  • Mens Open Water B Division Champions
  • Womens Open Water B Division Champions
  • Overall Open Water B Division Champions
  • Womens Overall B Division Champions (Open+Still)
  • Mens Still Water B Division 1st Runner Up
  • Womens Still Water B Division 1st Runner Up
  • 1st Runner Up Overall B Division